American Green Consulting regularly interviews our clients to catch up with all the amazing work they do and share it with you! Here’s a quick recap of the clients we’ve interviewed so far:

Nadine Geering from D|Fab filled us in on D|Fab’s fantastic displays and interior spaces for retail storefronts, restaurants, museums, and educational institutions. “D|Fab has regarded environmental stewardship as a core value of our business and we are also passionate about it, as are many of our customers,” says Nadine. Read more from Nadine here:

Air filters aren’t usually something you’d associate with sustainability, but to MiniFIBERS, utilizing natural, sustainable fibers to create those filters is a necessity for consumer trends. “We recognize where the consumer and the industry is going with a higher focus on natural, sustainable fibers,” says Jeremy Steach. More on Jeremy and MiniFIBERS here:

A visit to the United Nations, to the JetBlue terminal in New York City, and the Music Awards all have one thing in common: Enhance a Colour has created the sustainable graphics and displays you’re looking at. “Our clients were asking for MDF board material that had to be FSC certified. MDF is traditionally made of wood fibers that have been broken down into residuals, then mixed with wax and resins and heat pressed into dense, durable sheets. A sheet of MDF will be heavy, smooth and even, with a flat surface that can be painted or sealed. While we actually do print to a lot of that material, we’ve never actually had anybody ask for it to be FSC certified before,” says Enhance a Colour’s Robert D’Errico. Hear more from Robert here:

Jane Palmer wants you to know: when things are colored black, it’s typically done with an environmentally unfriendly carcinogen known as carbon black. Fortunately, Jane and Nature Coatings knows there’s a better way: “We have developed a direct replacement for carbon black pigment made from wood waste. And what is exciting to our customers, and to us, is that we’re eliminating fossil fuels completely from the pigment source. So that’s something that’s really important in terms of climate change, and sustainability,” she says. Read more about Jane’s work here:

Flowers and plants are an easy way to bring beauty and brightness to any room, but bringing them home from the store typically utilized unsustainable packaging. Fortunately, Joyce Aerts and the team at Broekhof are up to the task of making packaging an decorative material more sustainable. “Packaging is mainly to protect the flowers and plants. We also think it is essential that the packaging adds value to the product as a company. On top of that, we focus on sustainability and try to make the best decisions for our customers,” says Joyce. More about Broekhof and Joyce is available here:

We’re interviewing even more of our customers so you can learn about the amazing work of those in the sustainability space. Watch for those interviews here on the American Green Consulting blog: and in the American Green Consulting newsletter.