Do You Make Less Than $5 Million in Gross Annual Forest Product Sales?

You may qualify to join an American Green Consulting-managed FSC group certification at approximately HALF the cost of an individual FSC® certification.

If your business conducts less than $5 million in gross annual forest product sales, you can apply to be a member of one of American Green Consulting’s FSC Chain of Custody group certifications.

As the group manager, American Green Consulting performs annual onsite reviews of each member to make sure that every member is conforming to FSC standards. Certification bodies (CBs) then audit a sample of the group each year to ensure that American Green Consulting is reporting accurate information and helping group members comply with FSC regulations.

Why Should I Join a Group Certification? What’s the Benefit to Me?

  • An FSC group certification is often HALF the cost of an individual certification.
  • Group certification gives your company the same benefits of larger companies.
  • American Green Consulting’s internal reviews include assistance to help you comply with FSC standards. Unlike how CBs are required to operate, we don’t just tell you if you pass or fail; we help you maintain your systems and make sure you receive—and keep—your FSC certification.

How Much Does It Cost to Join the Group Certification?

Prices start at $2,395, depending on the scope of certification needed.

For printers interested in our printer group certificate, discounts are available if you are a member of a participating trade association. If you are a printer, or otherwise part of the graphic arts industry, you can qualify for group certification at $1,695 through the Regional Affiliate Certificate Group, an American Green Consulting client.

Ready to take the next steps toward your group certification? Contact us today to get started.