If you’re a first-time user or an international user of our CoC Portal, read below about how to get started and set up your Portal access.

Why you’ll love our CoC Portal:

Whether you’re new to FSC or an existing certificate holder, the simplicity and standardization of our CoC Portal provides all the benefits of crowdsourcing but with none of the confidentiality concerns.

Our portal not only helps you avoid documentation-related non-conformities and corrective actions, but it also offers you the benefit of our expertise—expanded upon by data from our entire pool of users—to help you address any issues that do come up.

What you get:

+ All the documentation you need for your FSC CoC audit, including: Operations Manual, Product Group List, Supplier Verifications and more

+ 24/7 access

+ Ability to save your progress and return as needed

+ Updates from one to five years, if you choose

+ Crowdsourced solutions with privacy intact

= Future-proofing your FSC CoC audit on your schedule

How to get started:

  1. Be sure to have the following on hand before you sign up:
    • Payment method (required) — The CoC Portal primary package is $1,195.
    • Basic information about your organization (legal company name, address, etc.) (required)
    • Contact and title information for key staff
    • Basic understanding of the flow of materials through your organization (purchasing, receiving, production, etc.)
  2. Go to our first-time-user account page to sign up for the CoC Portal.

▶️ Watch our 4-minute video on how to get started and set up your account.

For our international users:

If you’re an international user (outside of the U.S.), follow the same first-time user instructions above to get started.

A few words about audit documentation:

  • Our documentation should be satisfactory as-is for your audit, but many of the questions are geared toward a U.S. audience.
  • Fortunately, our system is very customizable, so if you see something you want changed or added, use our Help Center contact information early and often.
  • Bonus: You’ll find yourself at the head of the line for our regular usability updates!

Still have questions about the CoC Portal?

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