Do You Operate a Large Company with More Than One Production Site or Sales Office?

Does more than one of your sites carry out essentially the same primary functions and procedures? Are you looking for one, all-encompassing Chain of Custody certificate? Your business probably qualifies for an FSC multiple-site certification.

Before you bring a certification body (CB) in to audit your company, American Green Consulting will do a full internal audit and offer clear steps toward meeting FSC requirements. Remember: Because we are a consulting firm, our goal is to help you comply with FSC rules and regulations. We can provide ongoing support to ensure that you get—and keep—your multi-site certification.

Who Qualifies for a Multiple-Site Certification?

Businesses with more than one operating site qualify for a multi-site certification. American Green Consulting recommends you consider multi-site certification when you have three or more sites. In almost all cases, a multi-site certificate will save you money when you have six or more sites.

How Will American Green Consulting Help My Multiple-Site Business?

American Green Consulting will visit each and every one of your participating business locations each year to ensure that they are meeting FSC standards. If we find that a site is not up to standards, we will provide the site with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand list of action items, and we will keep the central office up to date. This helps you make sure that each of your sites meets the FSC standard, and that you’re not at risk of losing your FSC certification. This also helps your CB save time, as they will only audit a sample of the sites each year and compare their reports with American Green Consulting’s reports to ensure reporting accuracy.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Multi-Site Certification

Contact us for a free, customized estimate. AGC-managed multi-site certification can save you a lot of time and money over a single or non-managed certificate.