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The AGC Controlled Wood Portal is a one-stop, secure, online resource for you and your suppliers to record material origin and supply chain information.

No more guesswork. No starting from scratch. Annual updates made easy.

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What our Controlled Wood Portal can do:

  • Inform suppliers up front about your controlled material procurement requirements.
  • Ensure that your suppliers identify a responsible person on their staff to provide you with accurate and current origin and supply chain information.
  • Acquire documented consent from suppliers to allow access to records and information so that you can assess supply origin and supply chain risk.
  • Provide supporting guidance and mitigation materials to your suppliers.

Screenshot of Controlled Wood Portal page

What you get:

+ reduced paperwork

+ ease of access for all of your staff at all your locations

+ storage and backup

+ built-in help prompts about the specific information being requested (This means no more guesswork on the part of your suppliers!)

+ pre-populated baseline supplier information within the portal, eliminating the need for suppliers to start from scratch and makes annual updates quick and easy

= dozens of hours saved every year

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