Ahhhh, the holidays. There’s nothing like a roaring fire, a cup o’ hot cocoa, and a favorite holiday flick to get you in that jovial spirit.

Until, that is, you realize you’ve got a gift list as long as Saint Nick’s but no time to shop—turning the holidays into the holi-daze.

Fortunately, American Green is here to help!

If you’re looking for some greener gift options this year (that are also sure to make others green with envy), check out these two FSC®-certified products from our very own tree-mendous clients: Toysmith and Mega Supply Pro.

Beetle & Bee Garden™ Build a Bird Bungalow, by Toysmith

Box of a Toysmith product. On the front is a photo of the Beetle & Bee Build A Bird Bungalow

About this product

Welcome birds to the backyard with a colorful new home!

Build and paint a classic 6″ tall bird house bungalow using the parts in this kit.

✅ Made using safe and high-quality materials and FSC-certified wood products

✅ Includes wood pieces, chain for hanging, 4 paint pots, paint brush, nails, glue and instructions

✅ Recommended for ages 5 years and up


Where to buy

The Beetle & Bee Garden™ Build a Bird Bungalow is available for purchase from Toysmith on Amazon.

About Toysmith

Toysmith logo that says "Toysmith: More joy beyond the toy"

At Toysmith, we turn everyday moments into joyful memories. Beetle & Bee Garden™ is our delightful line of premium tools and contemporary activities that introduce young children to the principals of gardening and sustainability through outdoor creative play. Learn more at: toysmith.com

Toysmith is a member of American Green’s Small Business Certification Network (SBCN) group certificate. Learn even more about this amazing company in Toysmith: An American Green Spotlight.

Brazilian Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring, by Mega Supply Pro

Beautiful hardwood floors made of Brazilian Oak. Displayed on the floors is modern, sleek furniture for a clean interior design

About this product

While most suppliers offer a multitude of species and variations of hardwood, often of questionable origin and debatable quality, Mega Supply Pro focuses on a single option that is ideal for most multifamily and mixed use applications.

✅ Durable and practical

✅ Many styles, from modern to traditional, from a romantic bedroom to a corporate lobby

✅ Comes in extra long boards (up to 84”) and is designed for staple, float, and glue applications, on, above, and below grade

✅ Sustainably sourced and highly resistant to natural decay and accidental impact

Where to buy

This Brazilian Oak engineered hardwood flooring is available directly from Mega Supply Pro.

About Mega Supply Pro

Mega Supply Pro logo

Mega Supply Pro is the primary supplier of FSC-certified Brazilian Oak engineered hardwood flooring to multifamily and mixed-use real estate developers in the U.S.

With complete forest-to-floor documentation for the full chain of custody, and a 25-year residential warranty, our floors make everyone involved feel great about their choices. Learn more at: megasupplypro.com

Mega Supply Pro is a member of American Green’s Small Business Certification Network (SBCN) group certificate.

Want even more FSC-certified gift inspo? Check out FSC’s official holiday guide and the shop at One Simple Action.