The most common corrective actions and how to avoid them

American Green Consulting helps many companies through the certification process – because of that crowdsourced knowledge, you get an early heads-up on potential red flags and common corrective actions requested during audits as you navigate the latest FSC® standards.

August 23rd, 11 am Mountain Time (USA and Canada)

August’s topic: Our American Green Consulting team takes great pride in our work, and we guarantee our audit documentation for every client. Corrective actions and non-conformities can slow your certification process. During this webinar, we’ll highlight the most common corrective actions we’ve seen during audits.

During this 30-45 minute webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask AGC management questions and learn about:

  • Red Flags to Certification Bodies
  • A Review of Corrective Action Data
  • A simple fix for most corrective actions

American Green Consulting handles everything associated with FSC certification – please join us for this webinar to learn how we can support you.

August’s Topic: The most common corrective actions in an audit and how to avoid them

Learn about the most common corrective actions that crop up during audits in general during this 30-45 minute webinar.