Fink & Fink Games’ small game design studio focuses on creating games with fun environments, leveraging humor so that players can connect and relate to each other in personal, meaningful and positive ways.

About Fink & Fink Games

Artwork for the game Marital Bliss, featuring 40's style font and a smiling, red heart with an arrow through it

Nick and his wife own Fink & Fink Games together, and they hope their games can help us hit pause and recognize the contributions we all make—and sometimes forget—with the person or people we’ve chosen to spend our lives with.

Back in 2014, the Finks created (and launched via Kickstarter) a card game called “Marital Bliss.”

Marital Bliss is an innovative, week-long, real-world game that injects playfulness into our day-to-day routine by turning everyday situations into super-secret missions.

The game has continued to sell ever since, and the Finks have many more plans up their sleeves!

Getting FSC® Certified

When Nick came up with Marital Bliss, he said, “This is a great fit for me personally and for the company. We wanted to make sure that the cards that we’re using came from a place that’s being sustainably managed for the environment.”

❝ We wanted to make sure that the cards that we’re using came from a place that’s being sustainably managed for the environment. ❞

From the beginning, the Finks wanted to use the Amazon Climate Friendly Pledge Program and become FSC® Certified.

❝ One of the reasons I initially pursued it was because those products can get a bit of a premium listing. For example, if you go on Amazon now and search for couples games, it’s not too far down in the ranking. It really gets good visibility for us through Amazon, by being part of that.

And then the other benefit is there’s actually a second program Amazon offers for small businesses called Launchpad. If your company is part of the Climate Pledge Friendly Program, then you have the option to be part of Amazon Launchpad, which is another perk. ❞

Being sustainable was a goal for the Finks, so Nick was pleased to work with American Green Consulting—especially with his experience with AGC’s Training Portal.

❝ The online Training Portal through American Green Consulting’s website was fantastic. It really helped me acquire the knowledge I needed to become an FSC-certified company pretty quickly. ❞

Learn More About Fink & Fink Games

Fun Fact: If you want to play Marital Bliss with your partner, you can—for free!

  1. Go to Marital Bliss on the Fink & Fink Games website.
  2. Click “Play for free.”
  3. Download the PDF (16 pages).
  4. Print and play!

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