EUDR has definitely been headlining our industry’s newsfeeds this year. And now that EUDR has been adopted, it’s go time for implementation.

So, what exactly is EUDR and what does that mean for your business?

What does EUDR mean?

EUDR is the new initiative in the EU to limit deforestation caused by worldwide forestry and agricultural activities, and it stands for the “European Union Deforestation-free Regulation.”

Two ways to learn more about EUDR

Step 1: Watch our 2-min video.

To help give you an aerial view of EUDR, we’ve put together a 2-minute video that provides the highlights of what EUDR is all about and what you need to know to be ready for it.


Step 2: Check out our EUDR page.

When you’re done watching the video, head on over to our EUDR page to:

  1. Learn even more about this initiative.
  2. Read the full EU regulation.
  3. Sign up for monthly EUDR updates from American Green’s president Chris Gibbons.

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